My List

There’s a lot that I want to do during my time in Korea.  I often find myself saying when talking about things I want to do that I say “Oh, well it’s on my list.” but until now there’s been no actual list.
So here is the ever expanding, ever changing list.

While I’m in Korea I’d like to…  notes in italics written on 31 Oct 2010

  • try as much of the food as possible.  ongoing.  i go through periods of eating lots of new things
  • go to every province.  i’ve at least cut through every province except for the south korean chunk of gangwon province – the most sparsely populated part of the country
  • see at least one baseball game.  saw the KIA tigers play eventual league champions SK here in gunsan.  it was a blast.
  • see a soccer game. saw jeonbuk play gyeongju to an almost empty stadium in jeonju.
  • travel by boat as much as possible.  i haven’t even been to the nearby seonyudo island – i travelled by boat twice in china but never in korea.
  • go to the top of the tallest building in Korea.  my desire to do this has dwindled.
  • pick-up a skill that is best picked up in Korea  e.g. K-Pop Dance, Kumdo, Taekwondo. gave kumdo – korean sword fighting a good couple of months before i started to focus on running.
  • see Korean bullfighting!  (the bulls fight each other – no bulls die).  i still plan on doing this during the winter although i heard it’s not terribly exciting.
  • climb some mountains. climbed the tallest mountain in peninsular south korea and hurt myself doing it.  i got to the tallest spot in the country and now i’m done.
  • go to a horse racing track, gamble.  i’ve gambled but not at the seoul racetrack.  i still plan on doing that this winter.  i have gambled at casinos.  this is fun too but not as fun as the ponies.

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