My name is Gregory. I’m a New Yorker teaching English in Gunsan, South Korea.  I arrived in March, 2010.



  1. My name is Sharon, and I work for Huijun Communications (www.huijun.co.kr). I came across your blog and I love your detailed account on your stay in Korea, and I was thinking you would be a great asset for us.

    At Huijun Communications, we are currently in the works of creating a website (www.lifeinkorea.kr) that serves as a hub and a community for foreign nationals living in Korea. Our vision is to create a website where people can get all info and service they want through this website without need of searching and looking here and there, and through which people communicate with Koreans as well.

    Many bloggers showed their interest and joined in our website by posting their articles to share with others, and I would like to invite you to do the same.

    Your participation will be greatly appreciated, and we offer complimentary Culture gift cards for bloggers who work with us. For more details, feel free to email me at lucykim4323@gmail.com.


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