Posted by: bodking | September 20, 2010

Six Months In

I will be on vacation when I hit the mark of my sixth month away from the USA.  It’s funny to think that I’ll celebrate my sixth month in Korea in China.
I leave for Shanghai on Tuesday the 21rst – the start of the Korean holiday Chuseok.   I’m excited for a lot of reasons – it’s fulfilling the promise of seeing the world that Korea seemed to promise, I’m going to see the Expo, Shanghai just seems endlessly amazing and enchanting, China is China and I’ll get to see my father.
In the three months since my last retrospective post, I have seen a pretty decent amount of Korea, I’ve tried a lot more new food, made some new friends, and generally been pretty active despite the heat and the humidity.   I’ve climbed some mountains, I went on a real drinking tear and then went off it again.  I maybe spent too much money but maybe not.  Teachings has gotten more enjoyable and easier.  I got a bunch of Korean girls’s phone numbers but never ever took off, I got my hair cut in a bath-house locker-room and I am still eating a lot of ramyeon – it hasn’t gotten old yet.
I’ve lost between 15 and 20 pounds since coming to Korea.  I don’t know where exactly it came off of, I don’t look that much different.  I’m going to be training for a half marathon, I’ve also started going to the gym to lift weights with my friend Eric.  I’m trying to make sure that the weight that I loose isn’t muscle.  I’m getting some results from my weeks at the gym (I can lift more and do more sit-ups) but I don’t think it’s changed how I look too much (at least not yet).   We’ll see, my goal for the gym is something resembling a flat belly – not a six pack, just not a gut.

Looking forward to the next six months, I hope to travel abroad more – I have a week vacation and another potential long national holiday in February.  So maybe two trips abroad.  I’m also thinking about getting Lasek, laser eye surgery(more on this later).  There’s a few more things on my list I want to do before it gets cold – climb more mountains and travel in Korea some more.  I’m going to run a half-marathon in early December, so that will consume a lot of my energy and free-time.   I’d like to save more, but we’ll see how that goes.

More on everything later!  Now to Shanghai!


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