Posted by: bodking | August 7, 2010

JANGMA! the okhotsk high

It’s August now.  It’s been while since I wrote about the weather and I’m sure everyone’s dying to know what it’s been like here.  East Asia has a summer monsoon.  I know that sounds awesome but it’s not as insane as I imagine the Indian monsoon season to be.
Since late June it’s just been very humid and rainy.  And since the middle of July, heat has been added to that mix.  It rains several times a week but never all day.  The rain is often torrential.
Many of my students say they don’t like the summer because it’s too hot, but it’s really not that much hotter or more humid than the Northeast of the U.S.   What I think is more the issue is the general aversion to the sun.  When I go for my runs through the local park, I pass mostly women who are wearing pants, long sleeves, face-masks, hats and sunglasses.  It’s hard to find sunblock less powerful than SPF 40 or 50.   The sun is very intense but as someone whose ancestors worshipped the Sun, it seems very strange.
With the onset of the heat, the rain does offer some temporary relief (but in the end it usually just adds to the humidity).  A few times, I’ve gone for my job with bright blue skies only to have dark looking clouds blot out the sun followed by five minutes of buckets.  As a sweaty guy, I sort of appreciate the cool-off.


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