Posted by: bodking | June 24, 2010

Three Months In

Today is my three month anniversary in Korea.  I arrived on the second day of a spring that stayed very winter-like for a long time and has since broken in to some lovely weather.  In the last three months I’ve made many wonderful friends, become addicted to ramyeon (Korean ramen – spicier and more delicious),  and experienced many of the roller coaster of feelings that most of us feel when we first break free of the comforts of home.
Like a lot of things in life, it’s hard to get a real sense of things while I’m still in the middle of them.  Those first days in Korea seem so far away now – I was so scared of not being able to meet anyone.  The terrible weather of Korea when I first arrived seemed to linger forever – but it was really only a month.  Things were nice by May.  Everything seemed to linger forever.  But now that I’m in the swing of things, time seems to be moving too fast and I’m worried I won’t fully utilize my time here.
Things are good here and I can’t wait to see more of Korea and more of Asia.  There’s so much to see beyond the borders of Gunsan and I’m not doing nothing if I’m not getting out there.


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