Posted by: bodking | May 25, 2010

Glorious Seoul Puns

My friend Bryce and I tried to come up with as many Seoul puns as we could think of.
So here’s our magnificient list of Seoul puns – more to come I’m sure….
  • Seoul searching
  • Filet of Seoul
  • Seoul-itary Confinement
  • Seoul-cialite
  • Seoul-itaire
  • Seoul Train
  • Seoul Food
  • Han Seoul-o
  • Seoul Survivor
  • Seoul Brother
  • Seoul Sister
  • The Godfather of Seoul
  • in-Seoul-ting
  • Ice cream Seoul-cial
  • Seoul-ja Boy
  • CNN anchor, Seoul-idad O’Brian
  • Seoul-tan of Swat
  • King Seoul-omon’s Mine
  • The Quantum of Seoul-ace
  • Seoul-ar Wind
  • O Seoul-o Mio
  • Seoul-ed out



  1. You two are becoming a bit wacko as you approach the summer seoultice. 🙂

  2. Save our Seouls. This is adorable.

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