Posted by: bodking | May 7, 2010

Korean Celebrity Crush #1

I watch a decent amount of TV in Korea – and it’s no secret that I love the commercials.   Surely, it was only a matter of time before I fell in love with the young woman in a Yoplait yogurt commercial.  Han Hyo Joo.  She’s the star of a number of Korean television programs and has been breaking in to movies.  She has a luminous smile and radiates warmth.  The internet tells me that her hobbies include film appreciation, reading and oral storytelling (when I read that – all I could think was ‘me too!’).   So I don’t know if she’s really a triple threat (or a double threat for that matter) but she still wins  where it counts.  AND she can play Korean folk instruments…

the original commercial…

her rehearsing for a samsung commercial…



  1. HAHAHAHA someone’s obsessed!! I see someone found a triple winner in korea!! very soon you’re going to start stalking her. you’re so funny!! Love the blog and pix. Hope you’re doing well and experiencing a brand new life there. All the best BodkinG. xo

  2. She is really cute… I think I have a crush on her now too.

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