Posted by: bodking | April 29, 2010

Regarding The Weather Thus Far

My boss came in to the teachers room to let us know that this spring is the coldest and rainiest in 97 years.  In 1913, Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States, Russia had a Tsar, Germany had a Kaiser, Masatake Terauchi was the Japanese Governor of Korea and my Grandpa Fran was born in Brooklyn.
I left a New York entering a warm spring in late March.  The days prior to my departure were sunny and mild.  Late winters in New York are more likely to bring snow storms and icy rain suited for staying inside and playing RISK  than bright days perfect for long bike rides.  When I arrived at Incheon, the weather was sunny and in the mid-50’s – just like back home.
But then the truth sank in.  Cloudy and cold.  Every day cloudy and cold.  I got used to it and was told to expect spring any day now.  The cherry blossoms have come and gone and it’s still cold and dreary.  This April, we’ve had zero days of above-70 degree weather, we’ve had freezing rain, we’ve had more days with winter jackets than with spring jackets and we’ve had snow.  This year, no spring.



  1. well, it’s been sometimes sunny in nyc, but it has been cold here as well, and for the past week, pretty rainy.

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