Posted by: bodking | April 25, 2010

Welcome to Korea!

I finally decided to start a blog about my time in Korea.  I’m sure the internet is already littered with countless blogs written by countless current and former English teachers – I’m sure I won’t say anything terribly new – but I think it would be fun to share with you, dear reader, what life is like in Korea.
Besides the two-fold narcissism of assuming that people will care enough to read my blog and that it’ll be well-written enough for people to come back again and again, there’s the additional bonus egotistical goal for me of having a written record of my time here.  After some years past, I can look back and fondly remember this year better than if I just had photos alone.
So look out for new posts – I plan on posting at least once a week.  I’ll probably be posting a lot of K-Pop videos, things I’ve seen on TV here and links from other blogs.  I’ll also be discussing the food and drinking situation here in Gunsan and brief sketches of my travels around Korea.  Look out for a post about the South Korean phenomenon of “Fan Death”
good-bye for now.




  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventures! Nice title 🙂

  2. I care Greg, I care.

  3. Hey brotha! I am subscribing via email AND RSS, write here write now! I like Dear Reader, with that banner, as a possible title for the blog, although Whoa I’m In Korea (WIIK) is pretty brilliant! Miss you lots…the Pinsons are cooking some sort of delicious meat stew downstairs, so it puts me in mind of your way with foods…write us a big post about your daily diet!

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